Energy Savings

Save On Your Energy Bills Now
Cooling costs related to the heat gained through windows can make up about 40 percent of a home's summer utility bill for homes with air conditioning.  Window film rejects up to 80 percent of the total solar energy, which helps lower your energy consumption. Plus, the energy savings benefits go on year after year, long after you have received the tax credit.

Considering installing Window Film? Quantify the benefits of window film before you buy

Installing window film is an excellent energy saving solutions for your building. It can be installed quickly and professionally, allowing you to begin realizing your energy saving goals without delay.

With the tools available through one of our suppliers, we can help you effectively estimate long term energy savings and offer a projected payback period based on your film choice.  Long term savings and comfort benefits will go on for years.

When considering your film options, we can help you examine multiple factors and performance specifications. Custom reports generated by one of our suppliers can help you quantify energy savings and comfort enhancements, providing you with data and recommendations for film installation.

Building information modeling

After looking at scenarios and data from your project, an energy-saving window film strategy is recommended. Technical Services can also suggest tools for validating the results once the film has been installed.


Toolbox software offered by Solar Gard
Solar Gard Technical Services has developed a suite of software for BIM simulations to perform energy analysis on a variety of structures, from small offices to large complex commercial buildings. For highest accuracy, the software is selected for each project individually, based upon the type of building, its size and shape, the type of windows and the facades.

Toolbox services
The Solar Gard Technical Services team has comprehensive experience and knowledge in the field of energy. The team’s qualifications include IWFA certification, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, testing experience and energy simulation experience. Technical Services can provide a full range of services, including:

·         BIM simulations

·         Recommendations for the most cost effective or efficient approach to energy projects

·         Up to date information on energy legislation, such as:

o    Tax rebate programs

o    Utility rebates

o    Government legislation such as EPAct

o    U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED points from installing window film

Toolbox industry standards
The Solar Gard Technical Services team uses reliable, industry approved standards for all calculations. DOE-2 and ASHRAE 90.1 calculation procedures drive all Solar Gard building information modeling.




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