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There are a few approaches to keeping your home cool, but not all are equal in cost and effectiveness.  Closing the blinds or curtains helps keep the sun out, but you’re losing a great feature—the sun light. Some homeowners choose to keep the ambiance of the sunlight and keep the room somewhat comfortable by cooling it off with their central air unit, but this can be very expensive and inefficient when not combined with any other method.


One of the most cost effective choices for keeping your home cooler in the summer—while still enjoying the sunlight—is to install window film. Tinted or clear film would not only help to dim the glaring sun, but would also serve to protect your furnishings from fading and provide energy savings.


Window film saves energy by preventing heat from entering and leaving a room. So even in the cooler months, it would actually help keep heat in. If window film is applied, major reductions in air conditioning and heating costs will contribute to your cost savings.


If you want to make sure your home stays as comfortable as possible, at a reasonable cost, installing window film is the answer.  Let our certified installers help you choose the best window film for your home.


Residential Window Tinting

Benefits of tinting your home windows


  • Cuts down on the amount of electricity you use by keeping your home cooler.
  • Adds additional privacy.
  • Creates additional curb appeal
  • Provides additional protection against shattered glass when objects hit your windows.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that window tinting is simple, and you should do it yourself. Window tint that’s incorrectly installed can cause windows to break and seals to fail. Our talented and experienced installers will make sure the right tint is put on your windows and installed correctly. You can rest easy knowing the window tint installed by our certified technicians will be accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty. Our installations are also backed by a limited life time guarantee from the tint manufacturer. Should breakage or seal failure take place, as a result of the tint installation, your windows will be replaced at no cost to you. This is a guarantee that is only given when certified technicians install your window tint.

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