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******* ******* ******* Located in northeastern Vietnam in Quang Ninh province, is recognized as a world natural heritage by the value and the beauty of it. Natural Heritage area is recognized worldwide with area of ​​434 km2, including 775 islands, such as a triangle with three vertices is Started Wood Island (west), Ba Ham Lake (south), Cong Tay island (the east) area next to the buffer zone. Halong Bay is not the arcade system extremely spectacular, but pretty unique to the caves is the masterpiece of nature, such as the cave is a cave shocked wide and most beautiful places in Halong Bay concentration of stone islands with unique shapes that get nowhere. Virgin Hang - Hang Drum associated with the legend of the love of the couple today in the cave still picture statue user deletes her long hair, eyes looking at the mainland and the opposite is the Buc Hang Drum stone statues of boys are facing the Virgin cave. Thien Cung cave one of the famous beauty of Halong Bay with both sides covered with lush green forests, the line attached to the ancient legend of the Dragon King and aTren east cliff is a monumental paintings map monumental, in which embossed characters in fairy tales of the dragon king: girl, dragon, elephant, python ... the party was fun. Hang Hanh: the beautiful and the longest cave in the cave in Halong Bay with a length of 1300 m from the sea rocky Quang Hanh. Three dynamic within her temple. Scene in the cave is extremely beautiful with them as from the cave ceiling light falls onto the magical colors. Or the brilliant rock inflorescences: beam peony, orchids landscape and the diamond office suddenly shone how iridescent colors. Besides Island system - Hon here is extremely beautiful: Bai Tho Mountain is not only to admire the beautiful but also be involved in the game is extremely risky climbing and fun. Dinh Huong island as curtain blocking the water flow, Ga sun with 2 chicken shape coming towards the open sea. Hon chopsticks with chopsticks vertically like basking amidst nature. Hon saddle, majestic mountains as horse rushed forward. Monkey Island with a lot of monkeys are kept in this particular macaque monkeys here are a red nose. Tuan Chau island with houses made of bamboo and rattan are also grows some vegetables and vegetable supply for the city.
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