Clear Paint Protection Bra

Clear Paint Protection Bra

Will not Fade, yellow, crack, or Peel

Paint Protection Bra--Also known as Clear Bra--is a very durable thermoplastic urethane film that protect against rock chips, bugs, environmental damage and abrasion. Our certified technicians are trained to apply this specialized film to your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, airplane wings, and boat. The film is so clear that you hardly tell it is on.


Much like the vinyl car bras, Clear Paint Protection Bras protect against rock chips, bugs, small scratches, and normal day to day wear and tear. Clear Paint protection Bras create a significant advantage in that dirt and moisture doesn’t get trapped beneath them and they are practically maintenance free.


This strong, nearly invisible product was originally designed to protect race cars and helicopter blades. Although it is very thin, it is very tough, so tough, in fact, we guarantee that it won't fade, yellow, crack or peel  for as long as you own the vehicle.   Protection Film helps you preserve your investment and, ultimately, improves your resale value.


Sun Tint and accessories can install Clear Paint Protection Bra to protect your hood, fenders, headlights, fog lights, mirrors, bumper, rocker panels, tail-gate, and virtually any other surface at risk.  As mentioned above, this film will also protect the finishes on motorcycles, RVs, boats, trailers, and motor homes. 


Clear Paint Protection Bra is extremely tricky to install and requires a trained hand to get right. Take advantage of over 19 years of experience and get your Clear Paint Protection Bra ( clear bra ) installed correctly.

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